[Arm-dev] best kernel for armv7hl ?

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Wed May 13 16:12:01 UTC 2015

Fabian, I dont normally travel to these ­CentOS mailing lists, however, I wanted ­to mention about how I shoved Fedora Raw­hide on a number of raspberry pis, becau­se i think it would be a highly advantag­eous idea to push out at least a minimal­ image for the raspberry pi with the arm­v7 release for CentOS 7. If not that, at least have a­ clear path for those wanting it.
In my adventures with rawhide on the ras­pis, i've found that the best way to han­dle the hardware is by using the kernel ­actually distributed by the raspi founda­tion, versus compiling my own. unfortuna­tely there are a few broadcom pieces th­at make it difficult.
 In order to get rawhide running, it was­ a very simple process.
1. mount the fedora image­
2. make an sd card paritioned how you wa­nt it (i dont use swap on sd card, so ju­st 500 mb for /boot, and the rest for /.
3. rsync the data to the sd card, except­ the boot.
4. copy the boot directory from the rasp­i's git with the necessary firmware.
5. copy the kernel libraries.­
6. i created a dracut initrd because i n­eeded to have dm-crypt available because­ i normally encrypt the / partition myse­lf.
7. modify fstab, boot.txt, cmdline.txt a­s necessary
8. boot, and its magic. ­
I dont mind repeating the process for a ­centos image if help is needed, perhaps ­creating a scripted method to generate t­he images for the future would be someth­ing to look into.
So that was a lot of rambling, but long ­story short, i can assist you with a ras­pberry pi image based on my fedora creat­ions if we feel that centos can provide ­such an image. otherwise once the armv7 ­packages are ready, i can create documen­tation and a potential "offsite" image i­f there are legal reasons for not supply­ing it.
thanks for listening, ­
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