[Arm-dev] armv7hl - centos 7.1 rebuild status

Fabian Arrotin arrfab at centos.org
Sat May 30 12:22:27 UTC 2015

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On 30/05/15 14:20, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> On 30/05/15 13:26, cc35359 at gmail.com wrote:
>> Its just a mostly bare install, less than a GB of space used to 
>> run. There are still a few packages I can likely clean off, but 
>> there is nothing there beyond what you have compiled already at 
>> least. I can put the image file on Google drive (I could host
>> the image on the centos pi itself to allow a download, but I only
>> have 1mbit upload speed), that way you can at least mount it and
>> see what is there, or i can just dump the installed package list
>> for you. I will look into slimming it up even further, but is
>> there a specific goal in mind for the minimal rootfs: is it a
>> size goal, or simply "all thats needed to boot, take a keyboard
>> as input, and access yum repos on a network"? Getting it working
>> was step 1, at least its proof that your hard work is paying off
>> :) Do we want anyone else to be able to download the image as
>> well in order to look for major faults yet, or wait until the
>> next phase when you have a rootfs built?
> Well, you can upload it where you can, and then I can grab it and
> put it somewhere else (like buildlogs.centos.org ? ) so that people
> can have a look and test it. What I'd like to see though is also
> documenting that on wiki.centos.org. For example, have you used the
> kernel-4.0.0 rpm package built and available in the c7-buildroot 
> (http://armv7.dev.centos.org/repodir/c7-buildroot/kernel/), or
> have you used the one from another distro ? etc .. So if someone
> has expertise with specific boards, we can all write/centralize
> that on the wiki, so that we can then eventually automate the
> various .img files creation, for all kind of specific boards, etc
> ..
> Do you have already have a wiki account ? We can use a generic
> "entry" page for arm32 (like the existing 
> http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/AltArch/Arm32 page) ,
> but moving content like plague builder access somewhere else (a
> sub-page) and do something like /Raspberry1 , or /Odroid , etc ..)
> What do you (all) think ?

Just to add that we'll probably have to write (or integrate ?) some
scripts to init the node, like for the resize2fs, etc .. so basically
what other distro have also for that kind of boards ...

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