[Arm-dev] Gigabyte MP30-AR0

LOIC DEVULDER loic.devulder at mpsa.com
Tue Apr 12 12:48:36 UTC 2016

Hi Ronald,

openSUSE installs without problem but as you already know the network is not working due to the fact that the xgene_enet is compiled as a module...
I'm compiling an openSUSE kernel with this module statically linked and I will see whats happen next.

But it's strange to see that the module is not working (lsmod shows 0 for the 'used' column, strange...).



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Hi Loic,

Centos 7.2 is actually the easiest distribution to install as the
xgene_enet driver is build in the kernel instead of compiled as a
module. Only thing needed was setting the MAC0 / MAC1 variables in
UEFI shell. And then after the Centos installer started, open a Linux
shell and run

dhclient eth0

A lot of good information about MP30-AR0 can be found at

Debian and OpenSuse could be installed using the full DVD installation
image, but then you either need to recompile the kernel or use an
alternative PCIe ethernet adapter (haven't tried that). For details
how to change .config and recompile the kernel for Debian Testing see

Something similar should work for OpenSuse

Kind regards,
Ronald Maas

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