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Fabian Arrotin

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Mon Feb 1 10:14:57 UTC 2016

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On 01/02/16 10:06, johan.vermeulen7 at telenet.be wrote:
> Hello All,
> this is my first post on this mailing list.
> In our organization we have just over 100 thinclients. One day I 
> thought: wouldn't it be great if we could replace them with 
> Rasberry Pi's?
> After experimenting with that I thought: this arm is great, cheap, 
> silent and shiny new. So I was thinking: I need something stronger
> than the Rasberry Pi. Maybe I can replace some light servers as
> well.
> So I bought a Hummingboard Edge from Solidrun and had it shipped
> from Israel. The strongest model I could find. Here are the specs: 
> https://www.solid-run.com/freescale-imx6-family/hummingboard/hummingboard-specifications/
>  Can anybody help me get Centos7 running on that? So far I tried
> the CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-Minimal-1511-RaspberryPi2.img.xz and
> the CentOS-7-aarch64.img.xz I haven't tested in any detail so far
> but both showed nothing on the screen.
> My ultimate goal would be to use Hummingboards with Centos7 on them
> as Ovirt or Kubernetes nodes.
> Thanks for any advise.
> Greetings, Johan

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a big diff between
armhfp/armv7hl and aarch64, so testing the aarch64 img on that board
(armhfp) will not work.
The, the fun begins with armhfp, as the rpi2 image is very specific
(and obviously only works on the rpi2).
Actually busy at cfgmgmtcamp.eu event, so not having a lot of time to
dive into details, but at first sight, you should look at the exact
specs, and see if upstream kernel/uboot are already supporting it.
If so, chances are high that we can have CentOS 7 running on it
directly, but with the correct uboot image.

Talking about oVirt, what do you have in mind ? as you can't really do
virt on those armhfp nodes.
Kubernetes/docker containers would *eventually* be possible, but not
now, as we have (not yet) a working docker rpm for armhfp

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