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The Cubieboard 5 is actually built around an Allwinner H8, which is a 32-bit SoC.

Comparison here: http://dl.cubieboard.org/model/Cubietruck-plus/docs/CB5%20vs%20CB3.pdf

>From what I recall, it is similar to the Allwinner A80 SoC used on the Cubieboard 4...but I do not know much about how it boots.  Perhaps the existing CubieTruck CentOs image could be adapted to support the CT-Plus??


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On 09/02/16 06:20, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 12:31 AM, Jeffrey Walton
> <noloader at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I picked up a board CubieTruck Plus (Cubieboard5). The stock
>> image does not boot or I did something wrong with 7z and dd
>> (http://dl.cubieboard.org/model/Cubietruck-plus/image/linux/linaro-desktop/V1.0/).
>> Would someone be able to point me to an image for the CubieTruck
>> Plus (Cubieboard5)?
> Cancel... It was my bad... The device and the monitor were not
> compatible; and the stock Android image does not enable SSH. Once
> I switched to Linaro, things went as expected.
> When CentOS ports to this gadget, I'm happy to test CentOS images
> using microSD boots, if needed.
> Jeff

AFAIK Cubieboard5 is armv8/aarch64, which is now released.
But does that board support uefi boot ? if so the normal distro should
probably just work ?

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