[Arm-dev] EPEL 7 for ARM

Ed Brand ebrand0007 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 12:31:10 UTC 2016

There are willing users on this thread. Just need access to the build 
systems. Is there a fedora group/SIG/sponsorship needed?

On 07/28/2016 08:23 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 28/07/16 13:18, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> On 07/28/2016 07:09 AM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> On 07/28/2016 06:57 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>>> On 28/07/16 01:26, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>>>>> I believe it is still going through pass-2 or so. There are a couple
>>>>> of problems in that a couple of things which could be 'jump-started'
>>>>> from x86_64 fedora 18 -> epel x86_64 do not exist because Fedora arm32
>>>>> was not as available then. This means having to go to newer versions
>>>>> than what is in EPEL so the two chains do not meet. I have finally
>>>>> finished my move across the country and am able to start trying to get
>>>>> these together for a build tree. I will be happy to help people in the
>>>>> community if they step up.
>>>> thanks Stephen,
>>>> Would it help if we were to get some arm32 builders online behind
>>>> cbs.centos.org / koji ?
>>> IMHO, we need to decide one way to try to build EPEL for alternative
>>> arches.  If we want to use CBS, then we can do that.
>>> Currently for both arm32 and aarch64 we are using the distro build and
>>> not koji for EPEL build.
>>> I don't really have a preference but we need to define the process and
>>> stick to it and not keep hopping around.
>>> We do need koji arm32 builders for SIG content regardless of how we do EPEL.
>>> But shifting systems mid stream (ie, we are building EPEL now) is not
>>> the best idea.
>> To discuss this in a bit more detail:
>> 1.  If we are going to actually try to do what EPEL does on alt arches
>> (That is, recruit individual maintainers for individual packages for
>> different arches) .. then we need to do this on CBS
>> (hopefully that will not be necessary, hopefully EPEL will do this so
>> that CentOS does not have to do a completely different program that is
>> the same thing as EPEL).
>> 2.  If, in the interim (before EPEL does build these arches), we want to
>> try to produce the things that build with little or no modification on a
>> best effort type build .. well then, we would want to use the distro
>> build system for the flexibility it gives.  (You can build each arch
>> independently, one arch does not impact the others, you can have
>> modified packages between arches, etc. much more easily not using koji).
>> So, it really depends on what we are trying to accomplish.
> the key here is to build the user story. at the moment there is none,
> all the above is the provider side which is easily replaced / discarded
> / rehashed as needed.

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