[Arm-dev] CentOS 7.3.1611armhfp (re)build started ...

Jacco Ligthart jacco at redsleeve.org
Sun Nov 6 17:13:24 UTC 2016

On 06-11-16 16:43, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> On 06/11/16 11:05, Jacco Ligthart wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I saw the same thing on ARMv5.
>> Here my patch to make it build.
> Hi Jacco,
> Thanks a lot .. still almost in "offline" mode now, but I added your
> patch and submitted a test build :
> http://armv7.dev.centos.org/rpmbuild/c71611-pass-1/15680-glibc-2.17-157.el7.centos/armv7hl/
> Let's see how that goes but what does your patch currently do ?

Good question. It is more deduction from the circumstances, than that I
can tell exactly whit this does.

- The previous version worked, this one does not, it should be one of
the new patches that make the FTBFS.
- upstream vendor often patches only the x86 part of the code, breaking
other archs
- I found a patch (glibc-rh1256317-4.patch) with this text:
    Remove IS_IN_rtld
    Replace with IS_IN (rtld)
- I guess they did not apply this to all arm parts of the code
- the official glibc git has the same line in this place as my patch
- it now builds :)

All in all, I'm fairly confident that this does not break things, but I
would also like some feedback on this patch.


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