[Arm-dev] [PATCH 00/30] Cavium ThunderX NIC driver patches for linux-4.5.0-15.el7

mohun106 at gmail.com mohun106 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 00:03:39 UTC 2016

From: Radha Mohan Chintakuntla <rchintakuntla at cavium.com>

Thi is a series of patches that have updates to the Cavium ThunderX NIC
driver against linux-4.5.0-15.el7.

Radha Mohan Chintakuntla (2):
  net: thunderx: Reset receive queue stats
  net: thunderx: Introduce BGX_ID_MASK macro to extract bgx_id

Sunil Goutham (25):
  net: thunderx: Moved HW capability info from macros to structure
  net: thunderx: Add VNIC's PCI devid on future chips
  net: thunderx: Add support for 81xx and 83xx chips
  net: thunderx: Set queue count based on number of CPUs
  net: thunderx: Enable CQE_RX desc's extension fields
  net: thunderx: Enable mailbox interrupts on 81xx/83xx
  net: thunderx: Support for different LMAC types within BGX
  net: thunderx: Add 81xx support to BGX driver
  net: thunderx: Add QSGMII interface type support
  net: thunderx: Add RGMII interface type support
  net: thunderx: Add support for 16 LMACs of 83xx
  net: thunderx: Support for 83xx mixed QLM/DLM config
  net: thunderx: Use netdev's name for naming VF's interrupts
  net: thunderx: Use skb_add_rx_frag() for split buffer Rx pkts
  net: thunderx: Don't set mac address for secondary Qset VFs
  net: thunderx: Use netdev_rss_key_fill() helper
  net: thunderx: Don't set RX_PACKET_DIS while initializing
  net: thunderx: Fix for HW issue while padding TSO packet
  net: thunderx: Fix for issues with multiple CQEs posted for a TSO
  net: thunderx: Fix issue with IRQ namimg
  net: thunderx: Support for byte queue limits
  net: thunderx: 80xx BGX0 configuration changes
  net: thunderx: Program LMAC credits based on MTU
  net: thunderx: Fix configuration of L3/L4 length checking
  net: thunderx: Cleanup VF statistics

Thanneeru Srinivasulu (1):
  net: thunderx: Add ethtool support for supported ports and link

Wei Yongjun (1):
  net: thunderx: Remove unnecessary pci_set_drvdata()

Zyta Szpak (1):
  net: thunderx: Configure tunnelling protocol parsing

 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/Makefile       |    1 +
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nic.h          |  125 +++---
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nic_main.c     |  422 ++++++++++++++----
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nic_reg.h      |   16 +
 .../net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nicvf_ethtool.c    |  141 ++++--
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nicvf_main.c   |  217 +++++----
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nicvf_queues.c |  254 +++++++----
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/nicvf_queues.h |   29 +--
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/thunder_bgx.c  |  475 +++++++++++++-------
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/thunder_bgx.h  |   35 +-
 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/thunder_xcv.c  |  235 ++++++++++
 11 files changed, 1359 insertions(+), 591 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 drivers/net/ethernet/cavium/thunder/thunder_xcv.c

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