[Arm-dev] move CentOS from SD-Card to SSD on Cubietruck

Uli Middelberg uli at middelberg.de
Mon Nov 21 13:44:56 UTC 2016

Hi Andreas,

> 2. delete all Partions on SD-Card
IHMO there is no need to do so. Just keep them as a rescue system.
> 3. dd CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-Minimal-1511-CubieTruck.img.xz to SSD
Instead of dd'ing you can copy the filesystem contents to your SSD and
choose a partitioning layout which fits better to your needs. This wiki
article ( http://bit.ly/2gcXepm) addresses Aarch64 but it should work
with the cubietruck image as well.   
> 4. modify Boot-Configuration to to have Bootloader on SD-Card ant the
> OS on SSD
I don't know the boot loader capabilities in detail. One thing you have
to change in any case is the command line passed to the kernel
(bootargs). If the boot loader is able to load from SATA/USB, you can
place the /boot partition to the SSD (and modify the boot loader
commands to load the kernel image, etc.). 

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