[Arm-dev] [RFC] Bootstrapping a new arch

Haïkel hguemar at fedoraproject.org
Thu Oct 13 15:52:40 UTC 2016


There was various discussions about enabling aarch64 architecture for
Cloud SIG OpenStack repositories.
And likely others are coming, so I'd like to confirm with a wider
audience about the proper course of action.
So we can document it and share that experience with other SIGs.

Arrfab suggested the following:
* scratch builds with archoverride of existing arch-dependent builds
* ask CBS admin to merge the task with existing builds using mergeScratch.

I find this process simple and efficient, but I'm worried about how it scales.
In my case, I have about 250 binary packages (including the Erlang
stack etc.) with many interdependencies, so
it can rapidly get bothersome for CBS admins.

If we can find a way to automate the mergeScratch operations or
temporarily grant that permission to
SIGs during bootstrapping phase, I have pretty much no objections for
that course.


As for daily operations, if you can't block on alternate arch build
failures, I was recommended to just use %excludearch
and move forward. Which gives us the flexibility to move forward and
give more time to fix things at our pace.

So what do you think? Any other suggestions?


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