[Arm-dev] USB on PI3

Björn Dieding bjoern at xrow.de
Tue Oct 18 08:45:57 UTC 2016


I am tying the raspberry image on a pi3. Somehow I am not sure, if USB is properly working. The WIKI pages says it does (https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/AltArch/Arm32/RaspberryPi3). Does someone get the same result or what message do you get?

[root at support ~]# export LIBUSB_DEBUG=9
[root at support ~]# lsusb -v
libusbx: debug [libusb_init] created default context
libusbx: debug [libusb_init] libusbx v1.0.15.10646
libusbx: error [op_init] could not find usbfs
unable to initialize libusb: -99

On my regular centos servers I get a proper result.

Best regards,
Björn Dieding
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