[Arm-dev] kernel 4.11.0-22.el7.2.aarch64 does not boot on ThunderX

Itaru Kitayama itaru.kitayama at riken.jp
Fri Oct 13 02:16:18 UTC 2017

Jon, all,

Our ThunderX system at this moment has a system NIC issue that's it's 
not fully
linked up at boot time, but only by re-plugging the fibre cable 
manually. So given
it's been up and operational, while I don't have no issue providing it, 
I am not
able to honor your request.

I was also about to ask this ACPI question to Jim as to whether the 
CentOS community
support it or not. Thanks for the clarifications and heads up.


On 10/13/17 10:56 AM, Jon Masters wrote:
> On 10/12/2017 12:29 AM, Itaru Kitayama wrote:
>> Vadim,
>> At this moment, I don't need to try to this specific latest CentOS kernel as I said
>> in previous replied to Jim, v4.13 boots on the HW, but thanks for your suggestion.
>> I've been booting up the HW with slightly at different address like below:
>> earlycon=pl011,0x87e025000000
>> this give me lots of boot messages.
> Can you provide those messages? (btw if you have a correctly working
> firmware, simply saying "earlycon" will setup earlycon automatically)
> Usually the lack of any output is caused by something failing prior to
> the serial console being setup correctly. That specific Gigabyte
> platform has various firmware releases, of which you should be running
> the latest version to have the necessary ACPI tables.
> A quick note, on ACPI. Disabling ACPI is not an optional thing. If you
> turn it off, you will have a non-standard, completely untested, broken,
> non-functional machine. Nobody tests any of the kernel sources with ACPI
> disabled. In the future it won't be possible to disable it. Just say no
> to turning off ACPI.
> Jon.
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