[Arm-dev] ThunderX boot-time linkup issue

Itaru Kitayama itaru.kitayama at riken.jp
Mon Oct 16 12:45:26 UTC 2017

Our 2-socket ThunderX server (GIGABYTE model R150-T62) fails to link up one of the
4 fibre ports, part of the SoC at boot time for some reason.

Bringing up the port manually fails too:

# ifup enP2p1s0f1
# ifdown enP2p1s0f1
[30836.757508] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): enP2p1s0f1: link is not ready
Device 'enP2p1s0f1' successfully disconnected.
# ifup enP2p1s0f1
Connection successfully activated (D-Bus active path: /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/5)

The above is misleading as the port is not activated unless we re-plug the fibre cable.
Has anyone hit this issue or should we suspect the HW issue?


PS We've tested all the other three physical ports; none worked.

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