[Arm-dev] Cubieboard5 performance

Pablo Sebastián Greco pablo at fliagreco.com.ar
Tue Aug 7 10:23:12 UTC 2018

> Hello Pablo,
> I've bought this device 1 or 2 years ago, but didn't find any good OS 
> (Fedora, CentOS) for that. How to get this board with your kernel 
> running? Any tips or howto?
> I also have 2 Cubietruck 3 with CentOS.
Well, the easiest thing to do would be to just use Fedora Rawhide 
(current kernels have smp, ethernet, etc..., all but hdmi).
WRT CentOS, I can think of two ways to do it, both require the kernels I 
mentioned earlier in the thread.
1) (Easier)
  - Prepare the image as if you where using your cubietruck 3
  - boot that image and update (from the cubietruck 3)
  - activate the repo and install the kernel
  - change uboot to the cubietruck plus
  - shutdown and move the image/sd to the new device.

2) (Harder)
  - Prepare the image for the cubietruck plus
  - download the kernel rpms and copy them to the sd
  - boot the cubietruck plus with that image (it has no ethernet, no 
wifi, and most likely no hdmi, so you'll have to do it via a serial console)
  - login via console and manually install the kernel
  - reboot

For both metods (and also for Fedora), there may be modules that are not 
loaded into initramfs, which makes it panic at boot.
I usually add this to a .conf file in /etc/dracut.conf.d/
add_drivers+=" phy-sun4i-usb sunxi-rsb axp20x-rsb axp20x-regulator 
axp20x-pek axp20x_ac_power axp20x_battery axp20x_usb_power 
axp288_fuel_gauge ac100 rtc-ac100"
Some may not be needed anymore, and some may not be needed at all, but 
hey, it works for me ;)

One last thing that also applies to Fedora and CentOS, you may notice 
that you get a random MAC for the ethernet every time you boot, you can 
fix that by adding "MACADDR=<mac>" to 



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