[Arm-dev] File system corruption

Gordan Bobic gordan at redsleeve.org
Thu Dec 13 15:30:06 UTC 2018

> Are you using GPT partitions? GPT will lose the backup partition label
> since it is at the back of the block device. Easy way to spot a "fake"
> flash card as those just throw away everything past the end of the actual
> data.
> A stress test will kill an under managed flash device VERY quickly, a
> typical USB stick or SD card might only survive 4 passes of badblocks from
> new due to poor management, garbage collection and large erase blocks.
> If you are suspecting actual genuine corruption, try ZFS (if you are
> struggling, ask, I'll do my best to talk you through it). It yields better
> performance and less wear on low end flash due to it's copy on write nature
> and compression, and will confirm corruption beyond any doubt because it
> checksums every block it writes.
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