[Arm-dev] Updated CentOS arm guide - please review

Robert Moskowitz

rgm at htt-consult.com
Sun Dec 16 14:18:27 UTC 2018

I have updated my Centos arm guide:


Note the case change per Pablo's request, and thus it is not yet linked 
in from the home page.

I added a number of sections.

A pointer to the Odroid HC1 page.  I will work on this so it stands out 
Xfce desktop
zram for swap - note that the repo listed does not work.  Waiting on 
guidance from Marc on this one.
Improvements on the Remote Management to support VNC to an Xfce desktop

I will link this in once Pablo has the new image in production and at 
least the zram access works.

thanks in advance for all comments

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