[Arm-dev] Add Marvell Armada7k8k NIC (mvpp2) support patches

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Wed Oct 3 13:44:35 UTC 2018

On 10/02/2018 10:12 AM, Marcin Wojtas wrote:
> Thanks, my question is pretty much entry-level:
> - what is the location of the most recent iso of Centos?
> - how to upgrade its kernel to kernel-alt-4.14.0-49.13.1.el7a

The aarch64 isos live here:


Minimal iso will create an minimal install (basically, bootable with
network, firewall, etc) and I normally use it as a basis to install
anything else.

Once you have a bootable install, this command will update to the latest
everything that is installed (including kernel):

yum update

Once you have the update done, reboot and you will be running the latest

Then you can install whatever else you want on the machine with yum.

If you search on google fro 'yum centos' you will find many tutorials on
how to do things, they are applicable to aarch64 as well as other arches.

Here is one (ignore the subscription manager stuff .. that is for RHEL
and not CentOS):


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