[Arm-dev] Attempt to install Xfce by hand

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Sun Oct 14 13:34:36 UTC 2018

On 10/14/18 8:25 AM, Pablo Sebastián Greco wrote:
> Robert,
> El 14/10/18 a las 08:51, Robert Moskowitz escribió:
>> On 10/12/18 3:24 PM, Pablo Sebastián Greco wrote:
>>> El 12/10/18 a las 14:08, Robert Moskowitz escribió:
>>>> So I shouldn't rush out to do more testing.  I may have the group 
>>>> 'soon' and do it right?  I can afford to assign more time to my 
>>>> paid consulting right now!
>>> Please test as much as you can, I don't know how long it will take 
>>> me to add the groups
>> So let's start afresh.  I edited the seemingly appropriate group xml 
>> files I picked up from the main Centos repo.  First I built a clean 
>> install, did yum update, added the epel1 repo, and created a user. 
>> Then I installed the rpms from the X11 DE:
>> yum install glx-utils initial-setup-gui mesa-dri-drivers 
>> plymouth-system-theme spice-vdagent xorg-x11-drivers 
>> xorg-x11-server-Xorg xorg-x11-utils xorg-x11-xauth xorg-x11-xinit 
>> xvattr tigervnc-server wayland-protocols-devel xorg-x11-drv-keyboard 
>> xorg-x11-drv-libinput xorg-x11-drv-mouse xorg-x11-drv-openchrome
>> there was:
>> No package xorg-x11-drv-openchrome available.
>> But that SHOULD be OK.  Then I installed the Xfce DE:
>> yum install Thunar xfce-utils xfce4-panel xfce4-session 
>> xfce4-settings xfconf xfdesktop xfwm4 gdm leafpad openssh-askpass 
>> orage polkit-gnome thunar-archive-plugin thunar-volman tumbler 
>> xfce4-appfinder xfce4-icon-theme xfce4-power-manager 
>> xfce4-session-engines xfce4-terminal xfwm4-theme-nodoka xfwm4-themes 
>> pinentry
>> No package xfce-utils available.
>> No package leafpad available.
>> No package xfce4-icon-theme available.
>> No package xfwm4-theme-nodoka available.
> Those 4 pkgs are also unavailable on x86. I don't know if you tested, 
> but I think you should test the steps in x86, and then replicate them 
> on arm

I really don't have an x86 available for testing!  Just my notebooks, 
and I need those as they are...

>> This bothers me.  Probably really need xfce-utils.  Mousepad will do 
>> in place of leafpad as that is what Fedora has switched to.
>> Powered off, connected my KVM that has my Kybd and mouse and directly 
>> connected the HDMI monitor connection (the KVM only supports VGA).  
>> And powered up....
>> I see the following on the serial console as the HDMI monitor goes 
>> blank:
>> [  OK  ] Reached target Login Prompts.
>>          Starting GNOME Display Manager...
>> [FAILED] Failed to start Crash recovery kernel arming.
>> See 'systemctl status kdump.service' for details.
>> [  OK  ] Started GNOME Display Manager.
>> kdump is of no concern.
> Correct
>> And Centos is still using the Gnome DM, not dmlight as Fedora does 
>> now.  NO dmlight in the repo, I tried installing it after the 
>> following test:
>> Finally get to the login screen and I log in and after a while I am 
>> back at the login screen.  :(
>> So I look at the last 40 lines in /var/log/messages:
>> ........
>> So I am missing something...
>> I will set this drive to the side so we can go back to testing it 
>> once you tell me whatelse I need to install...
> I may be missing something too, so I'd like you to test this from 
> another angle. First get Gnome working, and then install the xfce 
> packages, so we know X has everything to run.

I am installing group "gnome desktop" over what I have.

Transaction Summary
Install  229 Packages (+404 Dependent packages)

Total download size: 557 M
Installed size: 1.7 G
Is this ok [y/d/N]:

Ooww.  The list starts with:

Installing for group install "Base":
  abrt-addon-ccpp                 armv7hl 2.1.11-50.el7.centos base    193 k
  abrt-addon-python               armv7hl 2.1.11-50.el7.centos base    101 k
  abrt-cli                        armv7hl 2.1.11-50.el7.centos base     87 k
  abrt-console-notification       armv7hl 2.1.11-50.el7.centos base     88 k
  at                              armv7hl 3.1.13-23.el7 base     50 k
  attr                            armv7hl 2.4.46-13.el7 base     64 k
  bash-completion                 noarch  1:2.1-6.el7 base     85 k
  bc                              armv7hl 1.06.95-13.el7 base    107 k
  bind-utils                      armv7hl 32:9.9.4-61.el7_5.1 updates 205 k
  blktrace                        armv7hl 1.0.5-8.el7 base    133 k
  bridge-utils                    armv7hl 1.5-9.el7 base     31 k
  bzip2                           armv7hl 1.0.6-13.el7 base     52 k
  centos-indexhtml                noarch  7-9.el7.centos base     91 k
  crda                            armv7hl 3.13_2016.02.08-1.el7 base     
37 k
  cyrus-sasl-plain                armv7hl 2.1.26-23.el7 base     37 k
  ed                              armv7hl 1.9-4.el7 base     67 k
  file                            armv7hl 5.11-33.el7 base     56 k
  fprintd-pam                     armv7hl 0.5.0-4.0.el7 base     14 k
  hunspell-en                     noarch  0.20121024-6.el7 base    194 k
  kpatch                          noarch  0.4.0-3.el7 base     10 k
  ledmon                          armv7hl 0.80-2.el7 base     52 k
  libreport-plugin-mailx          armv7hl 2.1.11-40.el7.centos base     64 k
  libstoragemgmt                  armv7hl 1.6.1-2.el7 base    219 k
  man-pages                       noarch  3.53-5.el7 base    5.0 M
  man-pages-overrides             armv7hl 7.5.2-1.el7 base    1.3 M
  mtr                             armv7hl 2:0.85-7.el7 base     70 k
  nano                            armv7hl 2.3.1-10.el7 base    425 k
  ntpdate                         armv7hl 4.2.6p5-28.el7.centos base     
84 k
  ntsysv                          armv7hl 1.7.4-1.el7 base     35 k
  pciutils                        armv7hl 3.5.1-3.el7 base     88 k
  pinfo                           armv7hl 0.6.10-9.el7 base    110 k
  pm-utils                        armv7hl 1.4.1-27.el7 base    139 k
  psacct                          armv7hl 6.6.1-13.el7 base     93 k
  quota                           armv7hl 1:4.01-17.el7 base    169 k
  rdate                           armv7hl 1.4-25.el7 base     19 k
  rfkill                          armv7hl 0.4-9.el7 base     11 k
  rng-tools                       armv7hl 5-13.el7 base     34 k
  scl-utils                       armv7hl 20130529-18.el7 base     24 k
  setserial                       armv7hl 2.17-33.el7 base     24 k
  setuptool                       armv7hl 1.19.11-8.el7 base     61 k
  smartmontools                   armv7hl 1:6.5-1.el7 base    422 k
  sos                             noarch  3.5-9.el7.centos updates 414 k
  sssd-client                     armv7hl 1.16.0-19.el7_5.8 updates 191 k
  strace                          armv7hl 4.12-6.el7 base    428 k
  sysstat                         armv7hl 10.1.5-13.el7 base    295 k
  systemtap-runtime               armv7hl 3.2-8.el7_5 updates 363 k
  tcpdump                         armv7hl 14:4.9.2-3.el7 base    399 k
  tcsh                            armv7hl 6.18.01-15.el7 base    308 k
  time                            armv7hl 1.7-45.el7 base     30 k
  traceroute                      armv7hl 3:2.0.22-2.el7 base     55 k
  unzip                           armv7hl 6.0-19.el7 base    163 k
  usb_modeswitch                  armv7hl 2.5.1-1.el7 base    147 k
  usbutils                        armv7hl 007-5.el7 base     75 k
  vim-enhanced                    armv7hl 2:7.4.160-4.el7 base    892 k
  virt-what                       armv7hl 1.18-4.el7 base     29 k
  which                           armv7hl 2.20-7.el7 base     39 k
  words                           noarch  3.0-22.el7 base    1.4 M
  xfsdump                         armv7hl 3.1.7-1.el7 base    287 k
  yum-langpacks                   noarch  0.4.2-7.el7 base     30 k
  zip                             armv7hl 3.0-11.el7 base    247 k

And I won't flood this message with the full list.

The groups installed are:

Installing for group install "Base":
Installing for group install "Common NetworkManager submodules":
Installing for group install "Desktop Debugging and Performance Tools":
Installing for group install "Dial-up Networking Support":
Installing for group install "Directory Client":
Installing for group install "Fonts":
Installing for group install "GNOME":
Installing for group install "Guest Desktop Agents":
Installing for group install "Input Methods":
Installing for group install "Internet Browser":
Installing for group install "Java Platform":
Installing for group install "Multimedia":
Installing for group install "Network File System Client":
Installing for group install "Printing Client":

(found via greping the screen log)

Poweroff, checked that everything was plugged in right.  Powered up.

Once the DE came up, I looked for how to select Xfce.  Did not see it.  
Clicked on my user, and THERE was a little icon for selecting Xfce.  
Chose that, entered my password, and the Xfce desktop came right up.

Only have done a little so far from the direct console.

Bottom line is my manual list is missing something critical.  We need 
the appropriate groups instead of guessing.  I am sure there are people 
better than me to build the right manual list if we can't get the 
group(s) built.

Meanwhile I will do the vncserver with Xfce test as well now that I have 
a DE.  I have had problems with F29, see bug 1633805.

>> thanks
> Thanks for testing.
> Pablo.

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