[Arm-dev] Attempt to install Xfce by hand

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Wed Oct 17 12:45:42 UTC 2018

On 10/17/18 5:27 AM, Pablo Sebastián Greco wrote:
> Robert,
> El 15/10/18 a las 17:54, Robert Moskowitz escribió:
>> Anyway, I am putting Centos-arm work away and going back to 
>> Nethserver (which is still Centos-arm) until Pablo is able to make 
>> the necessary DE group(s).  Or someone else much more skilled than I.
> Yesterday I got the xml from epel, and now the groups are available in 
> our rebuild.
> I didn't automate it yet, so I need to rebuild repodata manually to 
> add the groups, so they may not be there all the time.

I see what you mean.  I did a yum clean all on my working image, and 
there it was!

So I wiped the image by laying down the minimal again.  Did firstboot 
and yum update and then tried

yum groupinstall xfce

And it was not there.

Did a yum clean all and yum group list and now no xfce


So I will check back later

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