[Arm-dev] hikey 960?

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Fri Oct 26 00:12:30 UTC 2018

On 10/25/18 7:27 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 10/25/2018 05:57 PM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> On 10/25/18 6:30 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> One thing to keep in mind is our armhfp distro is designed for the hobby
>>> type boards .. BUT our aarch64 distro is designed to run on large 64bit
>>> UEFI arm servers, but hobby boards that don't follow the UEFI standard
>>> and have limited RAM (that board as 3GB), etc.
>> In the for-what-it-is-worth column,,,,
>> I am beginning to see that at least the odroid HC1 is targeted beyond
>> the hobby board.
>> And Itron has a board that they market to partners for smartgrid
>> applications.
>> https://www.itron.com/na/partners/developer/products/boards
>> But I dropped working with my colleagues at Itron over a year ago.
> Let me be more clear .. I am not using the word hobby to mean anything
> negative.  I could have also used embedded or non server or any number
> of terms.
> Those boards have lots of uses (in cars for driving their video screens
> and bluetooth interfaces, embedded in several industrial systems, use on
> ships and planes to do things on the electronics systems, etc. They can
> be very important.
> But that is just not really the focus of what aarch64 from CentOS is ..
> it is for big iron servers with many gigs if RAM and many cores and
> UEFI, etc.


I have been a long time Centos user.  Like since its predecessor 
(whitehat?  whitebox? So long ago) folded.

When I was RIFed from Verizon the end of '14, I took a serious look at 
what I could assemble, sell, support, and live off from.  But I really 
could not monetize (term I had to live with while with Verizon) nor 
effectively build a box to support.  So I got some consulting contracts 
to keep me solvent and plugged along.

Now I am approaching 'retirement age' (70 in 2 years), I am seeing the 
potential here to build, sell, and support something that will 
supplement my Soc income.  I allocate 1/4 my time to it and am looking 
forward to having something I can live from.

I am really appreciative of all the work you and others do to build the 
pieces that I hope to make into something marketable.  With a sticker:  
"Centos inside"!

Or maybe it will just be a retirement 'hobby'.  Time will tell.

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