[Arm-dev] Missing some debuginfo packages on armv7hl

Pablo Sebastián Greco pablo at fliagreco.com.ar
Mon Jul 22 22:11:24 UTC 2019

El 22/7/19 a las 18:53, Gordan Bobic escribió:
> I'm still trying to hunt down where this SIGILL I'm hitting is coming 
> from, and the next obstacle I've hit is some missing debuginfo 
> packages, specifically:
> libGLEW-debuginfo
> libXau-debuginfo
> libXext-debuginfo
> mesa-libGLU-debuginfo
> Any chance those could be added the the debuginfo repository?
> Without them gdb chokes before it gets to the SIGILL line.
Those were built during the first bootstrap, using the old plague 
server, and were never from there.
You can find the original builds, along with debuginfo here 

HTH, Pablo.
> Gordan
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