[CentOS-announce] CEBA:2005-1214-2 CentOS 4 i386 nx - bugfix update (Extras Only)

Thu Dec 15 02:26:35 UTC 2005
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

CentOS Errata and Bugfix Advisory 2005:1214-2

CentOS 4 i386 NX - Bugfix Update (Extras Only)

This CEBA rolls in updates to NX server up to and including the "Third
Maintenance Release of the NX 1.5.0 Server Packages" from

You should use the latest nomachine client from this link to connect to
CentOS after this NX upgrade:



The following items are among the bugs that have been resolved since the
previous CentOS release of NX:

      * Sessions may be left in status 'suspending'.

      * The NX server fails to go in timeout when the NX Client
        Available GUI remains open.

      * Sometimes NX server doesn't forcibly kill a failed X11 session
        and leaves it hanging.

      * The space character is not supported in the NX user's passwords.

      * The NX server doesn't allow empty password for VNC sessions.

      * Some applications like Java NetBeans and IntelliJ, MS PowerPoint
        run through CrossOver Office and SlickEdit don't work properly
        in a X11 session.

      * Resuming OpenGL-based 3D applications running in an X11 session
        may show windows with no content.

      * The keyboard doesn't work properly when an X11 session is
        migrated from a x86 platform to Mac OS X and vice versa.

      * Removed the dialog shown when a session is resumed over a slow

      * The X11 agent may crash when the proxy on the client side

      * Floating X11 sessions may shut down unexpectedly when minimized
        applications are still running.

      * An X11 session fails to start if the -kb option is specified in
        the   AGENT_EXTRA_OPTIONS_X key.

      * Sudden disconnection of a rootless X11 session when saving an
        unreachable link with Konqueror.

      * Double redraw of the NoMachine splash screen at  RDP session

      * Buggy display of scroll-bar patterns in the OpenOffice
        application run inside a RDP full-color session.

      * Improvements on the way nxsetup creates links to the run-level
        directories for starting and stopping the NX server services.

      * Added the shutdown command to stop the NX server and terminate
        all the sessions.

      * Solved problems related to the minimizing and the refresh of
        windows and cursor shapes when reconnecting a seamless session.

      * Solved the unreliable behaviour when running IntelliJ,
        BeanShell, Wine, PerlTK and XView applications in seamless

      * Fixed the bugs arising when resizing the RDP agent's window.

      * Solved the incorrect handling of some X11 agent options, like
        the 'norender', 'slow' and 'fast' options that may be specified
        in the NX server configuration.

      * Fixed problems with the CUPS backend on AMD64 architectures.

      * Improved detection of session status in the case of abnormal
        session terminations.

      * Improved management of user accounts with options for setting
        UID, GID and home directory of the NX accounts to be created.

      * Added a new configuration key to forcibly disable the
        initialization of the keyboard layout on the remote X server.
        This may be useful for test purposes.

      * Improvements in NX server's methods to verify the validity of
        the configuration parameters.

      * Fixed printing jobs hangs when printing from remote server.

      * Improvements to handling of expose events.

      * Disabled some logs left in the X11 agent.


The following versions of NX sources are used in this release of NX for
CentOS 4:

nxproxy-1.5.0-9.tar.gz (same as last release)
nxcomp-1.5.0-80.tar.gz (upgraded)
nxcompext-1.5.0-20.tar.gz (upgraded)
nx-X11-1.5.0-21.tar.gz (upgraded)
nxagent-1.5.0-112.tar.gz (upgraded)
nxviewer-1.5.0-15.tar.gz (upgraded)
nxdesktop-1.5.0-78.tar.gz (upgraded)
nxscripts-1.5.0-11.tar.gz (same as last release)


Excellent instructions for how to install NX / freenx are available from
Rick Stout's article here:


(except use the command:

yum install freenx nx

then follow Rick's instructions for the keys and client install)


The following files are uploaded and syncing to the mirrors:



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