[CentOS-announce] CEBA-2005:0723-001 Low CentOS 4 i386 up2date/rhn-applet bugfix announcement

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Sat Jul 23 13:16:52 UTC 2005

CentOS Errata and Bugfix Advisory CEBA-2005-0723-001

This fix is just more trademark and logo reduction in the up2date and
rhn-applet packages.  Nothing functional is changed, just more
references to the upstream provider removed and color/logo changes made.

After installation of the new rhn-applet package, please stop and
restart the rhn-applet (the blue check mark on the toolbar).  You would
right-click and pick exit, then on the default menu, pick:

Menu -> System Tools -> CentOS Network Alert Icon

Note:  These packages no longer track upstream releases


The following updated files have been uploaded and are currently
syncing to the mirrors:


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