[CentOS-announce] Official Announce List Notification

Wed Mar 30 04:38:05 UTC 2005
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

As you will know from recent posts, CentOS is separating from cAos to 
become an independent project. As part of that change we are
implementing new mailing lists.

The new Announce List is now active.  All Errata, release announcements
and the like will only be posted to the announce list.  Once a day, a
digest of the Announce List will be posted to the main CentOS list.
That should be a compromise that everyone can live with (or that may be
just wishful thinking on my part).


The announce list is moderated, and posts are only allowed by CentOS-

If you are subscribed to the announce list, you can find out the
password assigned to you by having it emailed to you from the above
link.  We were not able to transfer previous options to this list, so
login and reset your options if required.

The archive of posts has been transferred across to the new list
manager, and posts to the old address will make it to the new list.

Johnny Hughes
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