[CentOS-announce] Official CentOS CD/DVD Vendor Program

Thu May 26 15:03:38 UTC 2005
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>


I would like to announce our Official CentOS CD/DVD Vendor Program.

We currently have 3 vendors, and 2 more who are putting together their
information. (Not bad ... the official program has been going for less
than 12 hours :)

The details of the program (how to get in it, what they give back to the
CentOS Project, etc.) are here:

Here is the page that contains the current vendors:

The CentOS project has looked at the vendors listed, and we highly
recommend them if you want to buy CentOS CDs or DVDs.  They give back to
the CentOS Project for every CentOS CD/DVD they sell and we greatly
appreciate it.

If you are a CD/DVD vendor and are interested in being in our official
program, see the above guide.

If you are a CentOS user looking to buy CDs or DVDs, please use our
official vendors to get all your pre-made CDs or DVDs (not just CentOS
products) ... and if you are buying other products from them because
they are official CentOS vendors, let them know that is the reason :)

Johnny Hughes
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