[CentOS-announce] New mailing list: CentOS-Promo

Wed Apr 25 16:38:44 UTC 2007
Ralph Angenendt <ralph at centos.org>

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we, the CentOS Project, are proud to invite you to our newest mailing


This list is for the discussion of Events, Gatherings and (LUG)Meetings
where CentOS will or should be presented.

Should *you* join this mailing list? Yes, if

 - you want to help out at events 
 - you want to present CentOS at your LUG
 - you have great ideas for marketing material to promote CentOS
 - you are interested in doing promotion for CentOS
 - you know about events where CentOS should be (re)presented
 - you want to invite CentOS developers to your LUG/Event
   (you want to pay travelling costs, don't you? >:) )
 - you want to know where CentOS will be presented next

So go ahead, subscribe to this list and help us spread the word! CentOS
is good for you!

We know we will see you on that mailing list soon. Just point your
browser to 


and join us!

Be seeing you there, 


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