[CentOS-announce] New mailing lists: CentOS is going international!

Ralph Angenendt

ralph at centos.org
Mon Feb 12 23:57:37 UTC 2007

Guten Tag, bonjour, saudações, hola, ahoj, welkom and of course hello.

Ladies and gentlemen, the CentOS mailing lists are going international!
Yes, now you can talk about your favourite linux distribution in your
favourite language. If - and that is a big if - you are able to talk in

 - german
 - french
 - czech
 - dutch
 - the brasilian variant of portuguese
 - spanish

Which should be about, ermm, many people - and maybe *you* are one of them.

Let me introduce your hosts for the rest of your lifes:

There is Rodrigo Barbosa, who is running the CentOS-pt-br mailing list,
because he is one of the people who are speaking this language. If that
doesn't make him a good moderator, what else will?

Then there is Tru Huynh of CentOS fame who still has time on his hands
to run CentOS-fr.

Daniel DeKok, resident spell checker (I haven't found an error on the
wiki he didn't spot first) is running CentOS-nl.

David Hrbáč has offered to run CentOS-cz, hoping that he'll still have
some free time after you storm the list.

Roger Peña Escobio and Ernesto Pérez Estévez wanted to do us a big
favour with running the CentOS-es list, answering the multitude of
requests for a spanish CentOS support venue.

And Christoph Maser and me are going to run CentOS-de, just so there is
a german mailing list also.

So give them all a big hand for offering their help!

You can find out about and subscribe to the lists at:


And now go and discuss! Ask questions if you have one! Answer questions
if you know the answer!

Hope to see you here and there,


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