[CentOS-announce] New members of the team

Sat Jan 20 10:33:08 UTC 2007
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

I would like to take the time to introduce some new members of the
CentOS team.

We have added some new team members to better handle / respond to
bugs.centos.org issues.  They are:

Stephen Smoogen (aka smooge on IRC)
Matthew Miller

Both these guys are regulars on the CentOS lists and are experienced at
supporting distros, they will be a great asset for the CentOS Project.

Also performing more duties is Ralph Angenendt (aka range on IRC). Ralph
is our current wiki master and he has also decided to manage the CentOS
mailing lists.  We will be setting up and managing some "Alternative
Language" lists in the near future (probably German, Spanish and
Portuguese to start).

We have also added an internal QA team with John Newbigin (CentOS-2
Developer), Ralph Angenendt and Stephen Smoogen to work on CentOS-5 QA.

So, not only are we moving forward with CentOS-5 beta, but we are also
gaining strength in other areas of the Project too.

Thanks to John, Stephen, Matthew and Ralph for their commitment to
donate their time and experience to CentOS.  We will all be better for

Johnny Hughes
CentOS Developer
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