[CentOS-announce] CESA-2007-0518-001 CentOS 4.5 i386 Zero Day Updates

Fri May 18 10:05:31 UTC 2007
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

CentOS 4.5 i386 was released Thu, 17 May 2007 23:30:50 UTC

For software version control and 3rd party ease of use, the software
released on the CentOS-4.5 ISOs mirrored the upstream EL 4.5 release
ISOs (with the exceptions noted in the release notes).

The following zero day updates (all the updates released between the EL4
upstream release date and the CentOS-4.5 release date) are also released

TYPE                    RATING          NUMBER          DESCRIPTION                             DATE
Security Advisory       Moderate        CESA-2007:0065  Moderate: bluez-utils security update   2007-05-14

Security Advisory       Critical        CESA-2007:0354  Critical: samba security update         2007-05-14

Security Advisory       Moderate        CESA-2007:0338  Moderate: freeradius security update    2007-05-10

Security Advisory       Important       CESA-2007:0349  Important: php security update          2007-05-09

Security Advisory       Moderate        CESA-2007:0336  Moderate: postgresql security update    2007-05-08

Future updates will be done with individual announcements.

Johnny Hughes

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