[CentOS-announce] Virtualization SIG created

Sun Sep 2 12:21:49 UTC 2007
Daniel de Kok <daniel at centos.org>

The CentOS team is pleased to announce the creation of its first Special
Interest Group (SIG): the Virtualization SIG. A SIG is a smaller group
within the CentOS project that focuses on a small set of issues, in
order to either create awareness or to focus development along a
specific topic.

The Virtualization SIG has the following goals:

- Discussing, documenting and implementing methods to optimize 
  virtualization performance.
- Improvement and maintenance of virtualization support in CentOS.
- Assisting in building ready-to-run images for common virtualization 
  technologies, and development of installable CentOS media for 
  virtualization platforms.
- Work closely with providers of virtualization products, to see how we 
  can accomodate use of their products with CentOS.
- Maintenance of virtualization-related documentation in the CentOS 
- Maintenance of the centos-virt mailing list. This list is used for 
  discussing virtualization of and on CentOS, as well as discussion of 
  SIG-related matters.

Information about the Virtualization SIG can be found at:

General information about CentOS SIGs is available at:

You are invited to join the CentOS virtualization mailinglist at:

With kind regards,
The CentOS team