[CentOS-announce] My God, it is full of stars

Mon Dec 1 23:07:08 UTC 2008
Ralph Angenendt <ralph at centos.org>

And it is fast! And big! And louder! 

What is? The new CentOS mail server is, which coincidentally also hosts 
the mailing lists you are reading right now.

After three short hours and (AFAICS) no lost mail we now have the following

The mailq on the old mail server now is empty, while the new one is already 
fighting with stale dns info, unknown users, deferrals and so on. Normal 
insanity, I'd say.

One word to our moderators and/or mailing list administrators: Everything
should work as it did on the old machine. If your list *admin* password isn't
working anymore, please drop me a mail so we can clear that up.

Everybody else: Send even more mails! The infrastructure for that is here now!


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