[CentOS-announce] Artwork SIG created

Daniel de Kok daniel at centos.org
Sat Jan 26 20:25:17 UTC 2008

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers." - Pablo Picasso

The CentOS team is pleased to make computers more useful through the
creation of the Artwork Special Interest Group (SIG). A SIG is a smaller
group within the CentOS project that focuses on a small set of issues,
in order to either create awareness or to focus development along a
specific topic.

The Artwork SIG has the following goals:

- Creating several mockups for each CentOS major release, and selecting 
  and improving those designs to create a final, solid artwork release.
- Testing the artwork at different resolutions and brightness levels, 
  and for different user groups.
- Creating a consistent and pleasant "CentOS style" for marketing 
- Helping creating and maintaining a consistent artwork for the official
  CentOS websites.

The Artwork SIG will be led by Gideon de Kok, with help from Ralph
Angenendt as the CentOS development team member.

Information about the Artwork SIG can be found at:

General information about CentOS SIGs is available at:

You are invited to discuss artwork on the CentOS development list:

With kind regards,
The CentOS team

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