[CentOS-announce] Release for CentOS-6.0 LiveCD i386 and x86_64

Karanbir Singh kbsingh at centos.org
Mon Jul 25 09:48:10 EDT 2011

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS-6.0
LiveCD for i386 and x86_64 architectures.

Detailed Release Notes are available at


The CentOS-6.0 LiveCD is meant to be a Linux environment suited to be
run directly from either CD media or USB storage devices. It does not
need any persistent storage on a machine, which also makes it a suitable
recovery environment.

Due to space constraints, it was not possible to include all the
traditional desktop applications on the LiveCD. You can though enjoy a
Gnome basic desktop, view and modify pictures with gthumb and  the Gimp,
browsing the web with Firefox, send emails with Thunderbird and connect
to your favorite Instant Messaging network with Pidgin


SHA256SUMs :



The CentOS-6.0 LiveCD is released to all external mirrors and available
for download now. List of mirrors is available at these urls :


There are no torrent files for these LiveCD images since the overall
size of download is small enough that it can be easily downloaded via
http and ftp mirrors. Given the very large and diverse CentOS Mirror
network, we expect most people to get fairly good download rates for
these iso images.

Once you download the images, its important to verify contents using the
sha256sum utility, against the published sums here.


You can now install the Live environment to your hard disk (which wasn’t
possible with the 5.x Live medias). Please note that you need more that
512Mb of ram to be able to use that ‘install to hard drive’ feature (If
you have less than 512Mb of ram, you can install to disk but in
text-mode, meaning that instead of clicking on the desktop icon, you
have to launch a gnome-terminal and launch the ‘liveinst’ command from
within the terminal)

There is no upstream Live media product. The Live media produced within
the CentOS Project is based on and around the livemedia tools from the
Fedora Project.

These LiveCD’s only contains content found within the primary CentOS-6.0
distribution. No package from outside the distribution was included and
no package has been changed from whats included in the base distribution.

We appreciate all forms of feedback about these LiveCD, including
specific application inclusion requests or feature changes in future
releases. The best place to provide this feedback is via the
centos-devel mailing list ( http://lists.centos.org/ ) and feature
requests via the issue tracker ( http://bugs.centos.org/ ).

Special thanks to Fabian Arrotin for taking up the LiveCD and LiveDVD
efforts, and to everyone on the QA team who worked through the issues
and helped build, test and release these images.

Karanbir Singh
The CentOS Project
irc: z00dax, #centos at irc.freenode.net

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