[CentOS-announce] Updated AMI's for Amazon EC2 are now available

Karanbir Singh kbsingh at centos.org
Fri Jun 21 09:11:26 UTC 2013

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We have refreshed all the AMI's published as official CentOS Project
images at the AMP ( ref: http://wiki.centos.org/Cloud/AWS ), to also
include CentOS-6.4

While we release images via the Amazon Market Place, there are no
charges for using these images.

Direct URLS to the images:

CentOS-6 https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00A6KUVBW
CentOS-6.4 https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00DGYP804
CentOS-6.3 https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00A6L6F9I

CentOS-6 https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00A6KZBC6
CentOS-6.4 https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00DGYP7MI
CentOS-6.3 https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00A6L0O04

The recommended images are the ones marked as 'CentOS-6', which
include all updates released to May 27th, 2013. Point release images (
6.4 and 6.3 ) only contain content as it was on release media for that
version, which translates to :

6.4 Images contain updates to 2013-03-09
6.3 Images contain updates to 2012-07-09

Getting Involved:

It would be great to see other cloud vendors come forward and work
with us to bring CentOS images into their ecosystem. The best route to
kickstart that conversation would be via the centos-virt list (
http://lists.centos.org )

We also welcome all contributions to help improve the CentOS Cloud
images, via the same mailing list.


These images are supported via the usual CentOS support venues listed
at the Getting Help page ( http://wiki.centos.org/GettingHelp ).

We also encourage you to sign-up with the CentOS Virt mailing list,
where discussions and notices about the CentOS Cloud efforts are
handled. ( http://lists.centos.org )


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