[CentOS-announce] Continuous Release (CR) Repository updates are released for CentOS-7 (1503)

Tue Mar 17 18:20:31 UTC 2015
Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at centos.org>

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While we are working on the next CentOS-7 release (tag: 1503), a
majority of rpms to be included in this release have completed an
initial QA cycle and we feel they are ready to be deployed on machines
already running CentOS-7. While there might still be some small
changes in the content of these packages, typically we see a very low
churn. However, we do highly recommend that you try the package set
before deploying it into your production workloads.

In CentOS 7, the CR repo definitions are already included in the
latest centos-release file. You can check you have this by running
"rpm -q centos-release", this should give you a single line of output
"centos-release-7-0.1406.el7.centos.2.6.x86_64". If you have an older
release, you can update via "yum update". At this point you should be
able to run "yum --enablerepo=cr list updates" and then "yum
- --enablerepo=cr update" etc. The CR repo is disabled by default, In
order to enable it permanently, please refer to the wiki article on
the CR repo, mentioned below.

A typical usecase where this has proven helpful in the past, is where
people were to use this content as a preview of the release that follows.

This is also a great place for the wider audience to help us shape the
release notes into our next release, provide feedback and help with
warnings and changes that might not be communicated well enough already.

Update announcements for these packages are pushed to
- - since these are not updates into the regular channel, we wont
announce them to the -announce list at this point.

- --------
The CentOS CR repos contain rpms that are built to be included in the
next release for CentOS. In this case they include rpms being prepared
for the next CentOS 7 release (tag: 1503) and beyond.

Once the next release media are ready and announced, the CR repo
content will move away from the mirror network along with the last
release content, media, images, etc  (in the same manner that it has
in the past, as a part of the CentOS-Vault process).

- --------
For more information about the CR process visit the wiki page:

- --------
	* The CR repo is treated as a single stream of packages, and will
shortly also start including updates released since the upstream point
release. And therefore content in the CR repo might not map back to
any media or images released. However, every CentOS-7 installed and
yum updated to the same point in time will always have the same
content, the same rpms and the same feature set.
	* Warning for IPv6 users: If you only have IPv6 (so no IPv4), you
will not be able to directly use the CR repository, as that repo is
hosted on mirror.centos.org nodes which currently do not have AAAA
records. What you can do is to fallback to the mirrorlist process and
use external mirrors that will also have the CR content. To do that,
remove (or comment out) the baseurl= line and add
in your /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-CR.repo. Note that external mirrors
will usually get the content several hours after the mirror.centos.org

- --------
- From here, the CentOS Team, the CentOS QA team and the infra groups
around the project now goto work on getting the ISO media and release
content ready for preview. For this next release we are hoping to ship
the following images:
    - CentOS-7-DVD
    - CentOS-7-Everything
    - CentOS-7-Minimal
    - CentOS-7-GnomeLive
    - CentOS-7-KdeLive
    - CentOS-7-LiveCD
    - CentOS-7-GenericCloud
    - CentOS-7-Container

At this point, we are working to release this set which pulls in the
sources from RHEL 7.1 within the month of March 2015. Details can be
found on this release at
http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS7-CR - once the
media is final the final release notes will be located at
http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS7 ( replacing the
older release notes, relevant content will be carried over )

I also want to take this opportunity to send out a huge thanks to the
CentOS-QA folks, and their commitment to the process - who often drop
their lives and come help build, test and document the new release in
CentOS. If you would like to join the effort, please get in touch with
me at kbsingh at centos.org - we can always use more help, from different
sort of use cases (including other projects that consume CentOS Linux
in their own process).

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