[CentOS-announce] CentOS-7 disk images for AArch64 Platforms

Thu May 14 19:25:01 UTC 2015
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

We've produced a disk image intended to help hardware vendors and
enthusiasts who are interested in bringing CentOS to their AArch64 based
platform. This allows a vendor to bypass the installer or to edit the
disk image before booting in order to test kernel modules or options. It
is intended for development purposes only, and will only continue
through the alpha and beta test phases.

## Download


## Considerations

 * This image is 12GB when uncompressed. Please ensure you have enough
   free space

 * The default root password is 'centos'. Please see the readme in the
above directory for the kickstart used to create the image.

 * You will need to add the appropriate boot information in a UEFI entry
   after using this image, since the installer traditionally handles

## Burning the image to disk

You may simply dd this image to disk, however for the sake of ensuring
that it is written correctly, we recommend the following command. Please
replace the image-name and target device with the appropriate values for
your environment.

dd if=<image-name.img> of=/dev/sdX bs=2m conv=fsync && sync;

## Growing the disk image.

The root partition of this image was intentionally placed at the end of
the image so that it could be easily grown. A simple command for growing
the image is listed below

sudo sgdisk -e -d4 -n4:0:0  /dev/<your-device>

## Examining and editing the image

The kpartx tool is very handy for manipulating disk images. Some example
commands are below. Please read the documentation for kpartx before you
modify the disk image.

 * kpartx -l CentOS-7-1503-aarch64.img # List partitions in the image
 * kpartx -a -v CentOS-7-1503-aarch64.img # Add partition mappings
 * mount /dev/mapper/loop1p1 /mnt # mount the first partition to /mnt
 * umount /mnt # unmount /mnt, obviously.
 * kpartx -d -v CentOS-7-1503-aarch64.img # remove partition mappings

Jim Perrin
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