[CentOS-announce] Release for Software Collections SIG content

Fri Oct 23 15:59:11 UTC 2015
Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at centos.org>

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The Software Collections SIG group is pleased to announce a way of
Software Collections packages availability for CentOS Linux users. The
Software Collections packages have been build in CentOS Build System
[1] and will be available soon on CentOS mirrors. Collections will be
released in stacks, as we test and validate them.

With Software Collections provided by SCLo SIG, users of CentOS Linux
as well as other SIG groups in the CentOS ecosystem will be able to
use the latest versions of popular application stacks, databases or
other content mainly focused on developers. And they are able to do
this without any impact to the system versions already installed on
their machine.

The SCLo SIG is not only meant to include packages rebuilt from
Software Collections that have been made available in Red Hat Software
Collections (RHSCL), but it is also meant to include updated content
or collections that are not part of the RHSCL portfolio at all.

So far, the collections rebuilt by SCLo SIG from RHSCL are
devassist09, devtoolset-3, git19, httpd24, mariadb55, maven30,
mongodb24, mysql55, nginx14, nginx16, nodejs010, perl516, php54,
php55, postgresql92, python27, python33, rh-java-common,
rh-mariadb100, rh-mongodb26, rh-mysql56, rh-passenger40, rh-perl520,
rh-php56, rh-postgresql94, rh-python34, rh-ror41, rh-ruby22, ror40,
ruby193, ruby200, thermostat1 and v8314.

With Software Collections that are not part of RHSCL (so far
sclo-vagrant1 collection), both CentOS Linux and RHEL users will be
provided by content that is not available on those platforms otherwise.

Getting started with Software collections:
On an updated CentOS Linux 7/x86_64 machine run:
  yum install centos-release-scl

This will enable the right repositories, and bring any metadata needed
to validate the content.

Learn more about Software Collections concepts at:
http://softwarecollections.org/ You can find information on the SIG at
https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/SCLo this includes howto
get involved and help with the effort.

[1]: http://cbs.centos.org

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