[CentOS-announce] CentOS Linux 8.0.1905 Continuous Release Populated

Thu Dec 26 05:16:52 UTC 2019
Brian Stinson <brian at bstinson.com>

Hi Folks,

We've populated CentOS Linux 8.0.1905 with content from the upcoming 8.1.1911 GA Release:

This includes only the GA content at this time (0-day updates are still pending). 

One of the major things we're working on is matching the x86_64 multilib content set with upstream, be prepared for changes to i686 packages that may be removed at release time for CentOS Linux.

As usual, this content takes a little while to make it out to the mirror network, but it should coalesce shortly.

On behalf of the CentOS team: Happy testing, and Happy *C*hristmas *R*elease 

  Brian Stinson
  brian at bstinson.com