[CentOS-devel] RHN registration

Thu Apr 14 11:01:46 UTC 2005
Simone <simone72 at email.it>

Thanks a lot for your reply. You're right , I was not connected when I 
first rebooted. I thought about it, and I first thought it could have 
been something missed because nowdays we are all connected but I was 
wrong  :)
I set back firstboot to rerun on reboot, but even if I was connected 
now, I got the same  invitation, so I assumed it was a decision you dev 
took related to something else.
As said before in a previous mail, I am interested in the rebuilding 
process, and even if I am not a developer or a linux guru, I would be 
very interested in contributing for what I can. Do you think you could 
give me a starting point for this?

Thanks a lot, have a nice day

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 10:43 +0200, Simone wrote:
>>Hi, just installed, CentOS4 from DVD (first CentOS installation), and 
>>after first reboot as soon as I log in, I receive a "Subscription Alert" 
>>that tells me to activate my subscription to RHN so to keep my system 
>>safe. Is this normal that I get on CentOS an invitation to register to 
>>Red Hat Network and to download/install RedHat key? Did you ever think 
>>about getting rid of this, just think it could be confusing for someone.
>>Just my 1 cent.
>This (the subscription alert) only happens if the install is done
>without a network connected and we have been working on this issue.  The
>fix we had for CentOS-3.x doesn't work with CentOS-4.x.  I thought we
>had fixed it, but it looks like under certain conditions it is still
>alive and well.
>The key import feature imports the CentOS key, not the RedHat Key.
>I am not a python programmer, but I am trying to fix these issues ... or
>to make them more clear.
>We have made a lot of progress with up2date in CentOS-4 (it doesn't say
>Red Hat Network in almost all places, all the menu items have been
>corrected, etc.)  Also, every time RH changes up2date, I have to
>reverify all the current patches .. as there are changes in the back end
>We will keep chugging along on this and all the other issues, thanks for
>your input :)
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