[CentOS-devel] About the translation of the sentence

Wed Aug 3 12:14:42 UTC 2005
Masato Zembutsu <zem at pocketstudio.jp>

I didn't have a reply though I did inquiry more than the past
Web form. Therefore, it lets me do inquiry even in this ML.

I am a linux user in Japan.

The information resource of CentOS in on-line system is
limited in Japan. It was a matter of last week to know about
myself CentOS.

I think that Japanese information about CentOS will be spread.
So, is it permitted translating information on your Web site
into Japanese and introducing it to the public?

I want to translate following pages.
    http : //www.centos.org/modules/smartfaq/

Please tell me if it is necessary about the limitation and the
indication before I introduce information to the public. I aim
at spreading information on CentOS purely. Though it is
introduced to the public on Web, the information which I
translated is not a commercial purpose.

I keep a fair position by the neutral position to CentOS. Is
there a problem in the translation and opening to the public?
Would you give me translation and public permission?

Or, is permission unnecessary to the translation of the document?

I will introduce a sentence to the public without a problem.


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