[CentOS-devel] CentOS install CD bootlogo

Fri Dec 9 06:56:27 UTC 2005
Sherman Boyd <sherman.boyd at gmail.com>


I'm working on cleaning up the bootlogo for CentOS.  I just finished
and I'm dead tired, but since I didn't find very good documentation on
some of this stuff with a google search I wanted to document what I

First I took some of the standard artwork and cleaned it up in gimp. 
I saved the image to a 640x300 14 color ppm.

Looking at the .msg files under the /isolinux directory I was able to
figure out that redhat actually uses 7 different text colors in it's
menu.  Each color has a corresponding hex code that specifies which of
the sixteen colors in splash.lss to use.  I matched them up as close
as possible, and converted the ppm to an lss:

 ppmtolss16 "#000100=0" "#7b5b89=9" "#e5dde8=7" "#ffffff=15"
"#ff020a=2" "#f1aa23=12" "#9ad02d=10" <centos-boot-clean.ppm

Here is the end result:


Hope you like it.  The f7 anaconda looks good eh!

Best regards,

Sherman Boyd