[CentOS-devel] CentOS Plus / CentOS Extras Policy

Fri Dec 16 10:30:42 UTC 2005
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>>Ideally some combination of time/feedback would seem to be the way to
>>>go. My fear is that  if we require people to give feedback about
>>>something that's working, it won't happen and the package will rot in

I dont like the idea of time only moving to stable. if  no one is eager 
enough to test the pkg - maybe we dont need it in the first place :) If 
we dont get any feedback for the pkg - maybe the developer who built it 
/ pkg'ed it - should request specific feedback ?

Judging by the log's we seem to have picked up more than a few dozen 
users on the dev.centos.org repository... atleast a few of them should 
be willing to step forward and say ' it works / it breaks '.

>>Or make that "+1/2" - no negative feedback doesn't mean, that someone
>>tested it and the package didn't break his system, it could also mean
>>that no one tested it. So there should be at least some form of
>>positive feedback, just to make it clear that someone else than the
>>packager *did* successfully install that package.

install is easy to check for, as a part of the buildsystem here at my 
end, each rpm - once built is installed and any rpm + yum output is 
log'ed - if there is something out of the ordinary, the package gets 
held back and is not released anyway.

> 2 weeks seems OK for me for new programs that we haven't provided in the
> past.

I worry about the fact that even 1 loose pkg out there, can break a 
_lot_ of people's setup, we have a *lot* of people know using CentOSPLus 
and Extras is enabled by default .... Personally, I would be much 
happier if atleast a couple of people had the 'it works' feedback to 
provide before it gets moved over.

> For CentOS-4 at least, I think either Karanbir, Pasi, or I will be the
> one that moves it over to production ... and that one of us has
> personally tested it.  I have zero problem with that for CentOS-4.

Sounds good to me.

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