[CentOS-devel] Centos Problem

Thu Dec 29 18:08:48 UTC 2005
Orlando Rubino Gala <rubino at eco.uo.edu.cu>


HP Proliant ML110 G3 SCSI Model, it has 2 SATA conectors onboard, but BIOS
Setup has it disable and do not allow to switch to enable. Of course I
have attached an 80GB Segate SATA Drive.

HP specification say that this kind of Proliant model allow to employ SCSI
or SATA hdd, but SCSI came with a SCSI card in a PCI-X slot and those SATA
conectors onboard have to be wired to Motherboard's SATA controler, but
BIOS Setup has bloqued it.

Is any thing that we can do under CentOS 4.2 to enable and use SATA HDD
avoiding this HP restriction ?

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