[CentOS-devel] CentOS CS & GFS packages

Mon Jul 18 23:27:20 UTC 2005
John Newbigin <jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au>

As there seems to be a desire for official CentOS CS & GFS packages, we 
should decide how these are going to be stored on the mirror.

The simple method is probably directories under {3,4} called {CS,GFS}. 
(ie. new directories alongside extras, centosplus etc).

Can these directories easily be shared out to developers?  I probably 
need a new key to sign my packages, unless someone with the 3 key wants 
to resign them after I sign then with the 2 key.

Given the low volume of updates in these trees, it might be easier if 
someone with 3 access wants to manually take my packages and put them 
into the 3 tree.

Also, how does stuff get into the vault?  Is this automatic.

John Newbigin
Computer Systems Officer
Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia