[CentOS-devel] Mailing lists

Thu Jun 9 03:28:38 UTC 2005
John Newbigin <jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au>

Is anyone interested in composing a centos mailing list FAQ/AUP or at 
least netiquette for the centos list.

Some suggestions which could be added:
a) Don't top post
b) Don't ask a new question in an existing thread etc.
c) when asked by a moderator to take a discussion off list, do it.
d) If someone on the list does a) or b) and you feel the need to 
complain then reply to them directly and not via the list.

I think a noble aim is 'to maintain a mailing list archive which can be 
  searched for useful questions and answers.'  Sure there is room for 
discussion, but I think it should be related to using centos.


John Newbigin
Computer Systems Officer
Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia