[CentOS-devel] Welcome to the New CentOS-devel Mailing List

Lance Davis lance at uklinux.net
Wed Mar 30 01:28:22 UTC 2005

As you will know from recent posts, CentOS is separating from cAos to 
become an independent project. As part of that change we are implementing 
new mailing lists.

This new mailing list is now known as centos-devel at centos.org and you have 
been subscribed to it if you were subscribed to centos-devel at caosity.org.

Due to the large number of people subscribed it has not been possible to 
retain options etc across to the new list, so if you only want to 
receive digests or need to change any other options then you will need to 
login to change them.

You can find out the password assigned to you by having it emailled to 
you from :-


The archive of posts has been transferred across to the new list manager, 
and posts to the old address will make it to the new list.


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The ISP of choice for the discerning Linux user. 

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