[CentOS-devel] src.rpm contributions for warewulf and company.

Fri Nov 18 00:41:31 UTC 2005
Galitz... Geoff Galitz <galitz at berkeley.edu>

>> Hi folks.  I have src.rpms for warwulf (clustering software), 
>> mezzanine (development utility) and perl-Term-Screen (perl module) 
>> that I would like to contribute to Centos 3 and 4.  How do I do this?
> put the files up somewhere, post an email to centos-devel at centos.org ( 
> http://lists.centos.org/ ) with a URL pointing at the SPEC file.
> { we spoke about this on IRC a few days back }

At http://unix.cchem.berkeley.edu/downloads/centos-3-repo you will find
the src.rpm and spec files for warewulf, mezzanine and perl-Term-Screen.

I will make the same available for centos 4, shortly.