[CentOS-devel] New XFS code for the CentOS-4 Kernel from SGI

Thu Nov 24 14:14:03 UTC 2005
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> James Pearson wrote:
>>>> I would personally prefer if this XFS code could be merged into the 
>>>> CentOS Plus kernel. Having it as a separate RPM is a bit messy.
>>> If you work back, the number of different options that are available, 
>>> its better to have individual rpm's that complement a standard stable 
>>> kernel.
>>> Elaborating : there are a few dozen options enabled with the 
>>> centosplus kernel, in the event that any one of those creates a 
>>> problem for your setup - you have an unusalbe xfs setup. Having an 
>>> individual rpm ensures you dont carry the extra baggage of these 
>>> other options with you.
>>> Anyway, yum should handle dep's for you, there is no reason why an 
>>> rpm that complements the kernel should be 'messy'.
>> Might be OK for most 'extras' - but not a file system that could be 
>> used at install time ... OK, you have to rebuild the installer with 
>> the CentOS Plus kernel to get to this stage, but this becomes more 
>> difficult if XFS isn't part of the installer kernel.
> There is no reason why you could not use the XFS rpm to build an 
> installer image.

This is the messy bit - you would have to modify anaconda to use the XFS 
rpm - modifying anaconda is not for the faint hearted. Or, create a 
'driver disk' with the XFS modules - again messy.

> Anyway, you need to poke the installer as well, it does not support xfs 
> even if the installer kernel + images have xfs support available.

You can - just add 'xfs' to the installer boot command line.

James Pearson