[CentOS-devel] PhpMyAdmin in testing repo

Jim Perrin

jperrin at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 19:37:40 UTC 2006

> I think these reasons are why the phpMyAdmin package will probably go away.
> There are too many upgrade issues to keep up with to make it worth packaging.

Correct. This package was requested and produced, however there has
been very little feedback about it. The phpMyAdmin folks seem to
change things very rapidly and I do not feel overly comfortable with a
package that changes this often being moved to centosplus. The
dev.centos.org repo is meant to be a testing grounds before packages
move to centosplus or Extras, and as such, if phpmyadmin isn't going
to make the leap, there's no need to maintain it in dev. Unless people
provide feedback about the package, or show some overwhelmingly
stellar reason why it should continue to exist, I'll probably remove
it soon.

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-Arthur C. Clarke

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