[CentOS-devel] BackupPC in the Testing Repo

Johnny Hughes

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Mon Apr 10 18:47:07 UTC 2006

We have added BackupPC for CentOS 4 into the testing repository at

The version of BackupPC is 2.12 including the p1 patchset of Feb 2006.

Here is the documentation for BackupPC:

Copy the testing CentOS-Testing.repo file from here:

to /etc/yum.repos.d/ , then use this command to install backuppc:

yum --enablerepo=c4-testing install backuppc

yum may bring in other dependencies like samba-client, samba-common,
perl-Archive, perl-Compress, perl-File-Rsync, httpd, mod_perl, etc.


This version of BackupPC uses mod_perl and requires editing of
the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file and changing the User and Group from
apache to backuppc, so that they look like this:


This may cause some other programs to require setup changes.  In fact,
it is recommended that the backup machine serve no other web sites
except the backuppc CGI interface.

You must start httpd and backuppc prior to accessing the backuppc site
using this command:

service httpd start
service backuppc start

Then you can access the web interface with:

The default username and password are:

username:  admin
password:  admin

Please click on the "Documentation" Link on the left frame and then
click the "CentOS README" link for more setup information.

(The README.centos file is also in /usr/share/doc/backuppc-2.1.2/ after
Please report positive and negative feedback to our BackupPC tracker

With enough positive feedback, this will be moved into the extras
repository for CentOS.

Johnny Hughes
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